LF series laser cutting machine

  • Worktable size: 1500x3000mm, 1500X6000mm, 2000X4000mm,2000X6000mm
  • Laser power: 300w/500w/1000w/2000w/3000w/4000w/6000w
  • Fiber laser source: IPG/ Raycus/maxfiber
  • Cutting ability: 0-30mm

Machine details

tube lase cutting machine laser system

Fiber Laser system

Can choose Max/Raycus/IPG 1000w-6000w

steel laser cutting machine

Welding machine body

high rigidity, high structural stability.

fiber laser cutting machine

Industry PC controller

CYPCUT controlling system

stainless laser cutting machine

Electrical system

Industry elecical system


Machine features:

1, High speed, high precision, high efficiency and low cost

2, Easy on operation, fiber optical path, without tediously adjustment on optical path, full automatically

3, Compact structure, good sealing, strongly adaptable to changes in the environment

4, With the perfect automatic nesting system which can save time, save the materials, the sheet utilization ratio up to 95%

Different thickness and materials, different laser power

stainless laser cutting